saying-10; to enlighten all.



if you want to experience what he meant

saying- 10; to enlighten all.



(latest update: 18-12-2018)


Jesus says,

I have cast fire upon the world,

and see,

I am guarding it until it blazes.






Fire could act as a metaphor for a variety things, which makes the meaning

of this saying not easier to grasp. However,


Jesus’ kingdom teaching was his central issue, and therefore,

fire may relate at the kingdom

and its enlightenment to those who find it

(as in saying-82).


As a metaphor for war and strife it may hint at the fact that Jesus’ teaching caused

dissention among friends and families.

Fire can also be read as zest, ardor, rather than as a literal fire that scorches the world

(Quispel, 2004). This looks plausible considering the second part of the saying

which reflects Jesus’ determination.

Fire in the OT may symbolize the presence of God, or be used as an image for words

(Hedrick, 2010), and one may wonder whether Jesus, aware of these OT references to fire,

deliberately used the metaphor to set the meaning of his words opposite the traditional

Hebrew idea of the Divine. In that case the fire metaphor additionally alludes to the

“war and strife” that would result from such idea.


The saying reflects Jesus' commitment to his intention to bring as many as

possible to experience what he experienced; to “enlighten” as many people as possible.



Also in:

Luke 12:49



In Buddhist terms Jesus may be considered as a Bodhisattva. Here is a quotation of the

Prajnaparamita sutra as translated by Conze (1951) : …the Bodhisattvas, the great beings who

have set out to win supreme enlightenment. They do not wish to win their own private Nirvana.

On the contrary, they have surveyed the highly painful world of being, and yet, desirous to win

supreme enlightenment, they do not tremble at birth-and-death. They have set out for the benefit

of the world, out of pity for the world. They have resolved: 'we will become a shelter for the world,

a refuge for the world, the world's place of rest, the final relief of the world, islands of the world,

leaders of the world, the world's means of salvation'.