saying-100; leave the money to the world!



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saying-100; leave the money to the world!



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They showed Jesus a gold coin and said to him,

Caesar's men demand taxes from us.

He said to them,

Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar,

give God what belongs to God.







The Jewish people most likely abhorred the Roman emperor's image on coins that went

through their hands, and the inquirers might have felt completely frustrated and ashamed

that Jesus' shrewd psychological insight turned back on them the consequence of their own

aversion against Caesar's money, which should have been clear to them from the beginning:

give the trash back to whom it belongs to in the first place.


This is a practical illustration of being innocent as doves and wise as snakes: Jesus does not

want to be drawn into a social dispute over tax payments, and remains innocent over it. As the

emperor may be taken as a symbol of worldliness, Jesus advises to leave money to those in

the world, but regarding the real value in life: seek that which you refer to as ‘God’.


Regarding the word 'God' Perkins (1988) remarks that this is actually the only saying that

uses it! Obviously, Thomas' Jesus eschewed using the word 'God', either because he

respected Jewish sentiments, or his perception of the Divine differed fundamentally from

that conveyed by a conventional term, or both.



Also in:

Mark 12:13; Luke 20:21.