saying-102; dog in the manger



if you want to experience what he meant

saying- 102; dog in the manger.






Jesus said,

Woe to the Pharisees,

for they are like a dog sleeping in the manger of oxen,

for neither does he eat nor does he let the oxen eat.






Jesus does not call the Pharisees dogs, but compares the consequence of their behavior with

that of the dog in the manger: they deliberately came into the presence of Jesus, not to take his

teachings at heart, but to scare away the people from Jesus' presence

so that he could not teach them.


It could also mean that the Pharisees are oblivious of their neglect of teaching the

people the right things. They find themselves in the right position for such teaching, but

lack the right knowledge .


Meyer (1992) points at the fact that the dog in the manger stems from the Aesop's fables;


The saying likely went into the Muslim literature as:

the scholars of evil are like a rock which has fallen into the mouth of a river:

it neither drinks the water nor allows it the water to pass to the crops (Khalidi T, 2001).