saying-104; no sins to pray or fast away!



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saying- 104; no sins to pray or fast away!


(latest update: 14-12-2018)



They said to [Jesus]:

Come, let us pray and fast today!

Jesus said: What sin is it that I have committed,

or wherein have I been overcome/defeated?

But when the bridegroom comes out of the wedding chamber,

then let (us) fast and pray.






We may interpret this saying that Jesus found no purpose in praying or fasting when

seeking the kingdom; in Thomas he nowhere orders to pray or fast, nor to give alms,

because he considered these practices empty rituals, uselessly performed in an attempt to

get closer to the Divine.



Perhaps, almsgiving should indeed be added to fasting and praying: Crossan (1998) states

that almsgiving came from Judaism; it was considered an “atonement for one’s sins”.

It is striking that this is the only saying that contains the word "sin". It is even more remarkable

that it is something Jesus denies to be with him = to be part of his teachings.

We may, however, realize that by opposing various practices bound up with some religious

outlook, eventually constitutes opposition against that religious system itself and those who

proclaimed it; especially the Pharisees gave alms, prayed and fasted.


I think that the bridegroom leaving the wedding chamber points at an unconsumed marriage,

a marriage that turns out not to work; metaphorically saying that when you are unsuccessful in

finding the kingdom, you can always go back to praying and fasting. It might also be a later,

gnostic addition, as “the bridal chamber” often figures as a metaphor in gnostic writings.






Also in:

Mark 2:18; Matthew 9:15; Luke 5:33.