saying-23; logarithmic lament.



if you want to experience what he meant

saying- 23; logarithmic lament.





Jesus says,

I shall choose you,

one out of a thousand,

and two out of ten thousand.






Really utterly few of Jesus’ hearers really understood what he was talking about.

The logarithm with base number thousand in the saying (Deuteronomium 32:30, where thousand

and ten thousand indicate the host of people lost if abandoned by the Lord, and one in a

thousand in Ecclesiastes 7:28 indicates the scant finders of wisdom; following Hedrick 2010,see also:

1 Sam 18:7; Ps 91:7; Mic 6:7) probably hints at the notion that the eventual total number of those

who Jesus expected to understand him would be low indeed.


This saying should not be taken as Jesus proclaiming himself as a super-human

or even divine being, acting as a despotic overlord, who indiscriminately chooses the

happy few who he would like to save. Such interpretation flows totally against the main

stream of the sayings altogether. Jesus nowhere exalts himself; there where it seems so,

one should realize the way he identified with his teachings: he considered himself

one with the message, but it remains the message which carries the importance,

not the person delivering it.


It could well be that the first sentence is a later amendment of an original straight forward

lament; a change from a sign of impotence and self-pity, into a sign

of power and almost royal dispositional right. However, portraying Jesus as a picky

presumptuous overlord is not very convincing, and in my view the saying remains

as a sign of Jesus disappointment in the success of his teachings.


Jesus lamented that very few really understood him.