saying-32; fortified intentions.



if you want to experience what he meant

saying- 32; fortified intentions.






Jesus says,

A city being built on a high mountain and fortified

cannot fall,

nor can it be hidden.


Jesus said:

A city built on the top of a high hill and fortified

can neither fall nor be hid. (Pap. Oxyrh.)




Someone who perseveres in his seeking will not stumble to temptation,

but is like a fortified city that will not fall when attacked. Although such city might not

be easily taken, its very location makes it rather prominent, and therefore, an

engaging object in the eyes of its enemies.


Jesus followers are conspicuous figures in the public eye, and vulnerable to

being assaulted. However, they will not fall; neither to attacks from inside nor outside

because of their fortified intentions.


I do not think that "the new Jerusalem” of the end time is referred to in this saying,

neither is it a prophetic augury about a future worldly status of that city.

(I wonder what city Jesus might have had before his mental eye in this saying.

Likely not any in ancient Palestine, as all cities there had been taken

various times in history, nor likely any city in the Roman-Hellenistic world for that

matter. Cannot help saying that the Indus Valley area held many fortified cities

on a hilltop. But maybe Jesus had no specific city in mind, whereas the message of this saying

can do without such speculation).




Also in:

Matthew 5:4.