saying-42; be passers-by.



if you want to experience what he meant

saying- 42; be passers-by.





Jesus says,

Be passers-by.





Various interpretations have been offered as to the meaning of this saying.

Those who pass by do not stay in one place, and a convocation to lead the itenerant way of life

may be meant. Quispel (2004) translates the saying as: become vagabonds.

A call for leaving all teachings other than that of Jesus may be

seen in this saying (DeConick, 2006).

Another meaning could be, not to cling to anything in this world, as in a Jesus' saying in the

Islam litterature: He said. the world is a bridge. Cross this bridge, but do not build upon it.

(Abu Ibn al-Ghazali, in:Khalidi, 2001).