saying-48; body and mind at rest.



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saying- 48; body and mind at rest.


(latest update: 25-11-2018)



Jesus says,

If two make peace with each other in this one house,

they will say to the mountain, 'Move Away,'

and it will move away.







The saying might refer to “two” in terms of clinging to worldly matters on the one side and the

kingdom seeking on the other. Coming to peace is of course the situation in which one has chosen

to seek the kingdom. The “one house” probably refers to a person.


On another level the saying may suggests that one should rise above the way we regularly

conceive of reality, which is in terms of opposites, how we look upon others and ourselves.

However, we better no longer hold on to dualistic views, but realize that “all is one”, making

peace in this one house, which is our own mind.


If one succeeds, everything is possible as allegorically indicated by moving a mountain.

"Uprooting mountains" is a Jewish hyperbole for doing the impossible (Crossan, 1983,

quoting Robinson and Koestler, 1971). It alludes to the ruling over all of saying-2.


Jesus’ hearers may have understood his teachings of non-duality as making no

difference between nature, man and God, which could only have been considered as

bizarre and blasphemous. Such is the power of aphoristic metaphor!



Seeking the kingdom,

transcend dualistic thinking.




Also in:

Matthew 18.19; Matthew 7.20; Mark 11.23.