saying-58; not without toil.



if you want to experience what he meant

saying- 58; not without toil.






Jesus says,

Blessed is the man who has suffered (labored, toiled)

and found life.







Seeking is not without trouble, as can be ascertained from the

requirements put forward in a number of the sayings. However, do not let the

effects of evil distract you from your goal.

You may have "to kill some of your darlings" along the way too, but those

who persevere to the end will succeed.


The saying is not to be taken as a blessing of suffering

itself, presuming that suffering is conditional to finding. One may find

the kingdom without experiencing any special suffering, but the ones

who persistently toil for it, those are especially to be congratulated.

It is the ultimate finding of life which blesses a man.




Seeking the kingdom,

you should persevere until you find ,

and take any suffering on the way for granted!