saying-62; the sayings chose you!



if you want to experience what he meant

saying - 62; the sayings chose you!







Jesus says,

It is to those [who are worthy of My] mysteries

that I tell My mysteries.







There are no secret formulae required to ‘crack the code’ of the sayings: those already

worthy, or maybe we should say ‘willing’ to understand them will eventually

understand them. There is no command here for guarding the sayings

as secret lore.


From this saying we may infer that the number of people who followed

Jesus, his actual hearers, were not "the crowds" as mentioned in the canonical gospels

at all, unless he taught an additional message which is not in Thomas!

Jesus' hearers did not choose their master, but a small number of them were chosen

by the words of the master; they became his followers and lived the way he did.

Likewise today we may state:



if you are interested in these sayings,

they have already chosen you!




Also in:

Matthew 13:11; Mark 4.:11; Luke 8:10.