saying-68; you are ridiculous!



if you want to experience what he meant

saying- 68; you are ridiculous!





Jesus says,

Blessed are you when you are hated and persecuted.







In contrast to the canonical gospels Thomas lacks the reason for being hated, persecuted,

etc., which there is meant faith in the divine and risen Christ. It is, however, on account of

following the teachings, seeking the kingdom, that provokes anger amongst the ignorant.

Just as saying-58 this saying also is not to be taken as a blessing of suffering

itself. However, he who is hated and persecuted is obvious someone who

perseveres, otherwise people would not hate or persecute him.


Today hated and persecuted may be replaced by ridiculed. The word translated as persecuted,

may also be translated as chased away, pestered, annoyed (Quispel, 2004). One can easily

imagine that such was the fate of the begging paupers who followed Jesus life style.


It is not only that people do not recognize the right teaching (saying-65), they even hate and

molest the ones who do. However, following the right teaching while being molested

for it, is better than to remain physically unharmed but ignorant about it.

Besides, being hated and persecuted leaves you very little to cling to in the world, and signals

that you are on the right track!



Also in:

Matthew 5:11; Luke 6:22.