saying-69; keep seeking!



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saying- 69; keep seeking!


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Blessed are the hungry,

for the belly of him who desires will be filled.






Hunger points at a rather basic longing; generally one who is hungry will not stop

seeking for food until he finds it.

Those who hunger for the kingdom do likewise. However, it could well just be that with

the hungry those are meant who chose the itinerant way and became dependent on what food

they received from others, which might often have been very little or nothing at all

(see also comments on saying-78).


Hedrick (2010) translates: Those who go hungry to fill the starving belly of another

are favored. In this way the saying is a blessing of those who really guard their neighbor

as the apple of their eye; who have in their hand their food to give it away.

This interpretation can also be met in a saying of Jesus in the Muslim Tradition

(Khalidi, 2001, saying 91) where a man tells Jesus that he devotes himself to God, to which Jesus

asks who then is taking care of him, to which the man replies 'my brother'.

Answer Jesus: 'than you brother is closer to God than you are'.


Finally, following Piper (2000), the saying might address anxiety, and the redundancy of

worrying all the time about all kinds of material needs.


Also in:

Matthew 5:6; Luke 6:21.