saying-71; don't get physical!



if you want to experience what he meant

saying- 71; don't get physical!





Jesus says,

I shall destroy [this] house,

and no one will be able to rebuild it.






This saying does not comply with Mark 14.58, where the gospel

writer has Jesus say that he will destroy the temple and rebuild it within three days, with the

explanation that Jesus referred not to the temple but to his death and resurrection.


This house is probably a metaphor for the body that should be ‘mortified’ to its worldly desires.

It is likely an advice what stance to take towards one’s body, similar as among the

Cynics, Stoics, those holding to Hermetic practice, Essenes, Yogi’s, and Buddhist itinerants,

to name a few.


We can easily imaging a question of a follower,

"but what about the body, this mortal house?"

To which Jesus might have answered:

"Intent the following: I shall destroy......."


Today of course, we know that bodily neglect will render one liable to

bad health. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with healthy exercise,

but there is no need for the extreme of modern Western body cult!


If indeed the Hebrew temple would have been meant, Jesus most likely did not refer to

it as a building, but to the Temple cult, which he opposed.