saying-72; not a divider.



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saying- 72; not a divider.





[A man said] to him,

Tell my brothers to divide my father's possessions with me.

He said to him,

O man, who has made me a divider?

He turned to his disciples and said to them,

I am not a divider, am I?








Jesus refuses here to act as judge in a family dispute, because he is not a divider.

It may sound contradictory to the sayings in which he seems not to care much about

family ties when these shatter over the content of his teachings. However, the saying

may indicate that Jesus refused to pretend as if he had any mastery over people, while he

also refused to act in a conflict on a societal level. Quispel (2004) notes that in Aramaic the

word for divider also means someone who brings disharmony.


One of the key issues in his teaching was that people better got rid of property, or at least

not cling to it, whereas now they ask him to regard it of such importance that he should

even act as judge over it! Of course he couldn’t but refuse.

He would have become a divider in the sense that had he granted the request, he had shown

an obvious division between what he taught and what he actually did, seduced by

a kind of socially abided self-importance of the moment.


That Jesus turns to his disciples could easily be taken to suggest that he searched confirmation

for his position, but he rather posed a rhetorical question to probe his followers on a more

fundamental truth: Jesus is not just not a divider, but one who unifies instead. Reality is not

divided, but one. I think of what Kitaro Nishida (1921) wrote: The most powerful reality is the

one that most thoroughly harmonizes and unifies various contradictions. The idea that the unifier

and the unified are two separate things derives from abstract thinking – in concrete reality the

two cannot be separated.


From the perspective of non-duality, quite a few of the sayings seem to fit this

fundamental view of reality (Wolfe, 2010).



Also in:

Luke 12:13.