saying-91; your original face.



if you want to experience what he meant

saying- 91; your original face.






You read/examine/seek to understand the face of the sky and of the earth,

but you have not recognized the one who is before you,

and you do not know how to read this moment.






The puzzling way in which this saying is phrased aims at disturbing the hearer's mind

in order to bring him to another level of understanding, not of who Jesus 'really' is,

a Greek demi-god in a Hebrew environment, but how reality should be looked at

from the hearer's personal perspective. It carries a strong flavor of a Zen Buddhist koan.

If spoken by a Zen master, one could interpret as follows:

the one before you refers to the fundamental nature of a person himself,

the kingdom within, one’s Buddha nature, one’s original self,

which is not recognized as long as one has not realized it.


Reading this moment may refer to the significance of the very moment during which

Jesus delivers his teaching, the importance of which his listeners do not apprehend as to be

taken as an opportunity to decide on starting to seek for themselves.

Again, it should not be read as the moment Jesus announced his importance for world history

of mankind to come. Such absurd and unnecessary aggrandizement by Jesus of his own person

would blatantly contradict what he says many times elsewhere in his sayings (at least

those restricted to the kernel as considered by DeConick, 2005).



A seeker should recognize the kingdom within,

and the fact that every moment of one’s life is a 'kingdom moment',

a moment to decide to remain ignorant or

to start on the Way to enlightenment.



Also in:

Luke 12:56.