saying-92; not the faintest idea.



if you want to experience what he meant

saying- 92; not the faintest idea.





Jesus says,

Seek and you will find.

Yet, what you asked Me about in former times

and which I did not tell you then,

now I do desire to tell,

but you do not enquire after it.





Apparently, Jesus did not disclose the whole of his teachings in one time, but conveyed bits

and pieces, probably conducive to the level of understanding of his public. Even when

questioned about something, he did not provide the answers if he judged them to be beyond

the hearers’ comprehension. He probably started telling them to seek the kingdom, with the

assurance to find it, and hoped that after some time they would start asking after the deeper

meaning of his message. However, his public didn’t, perhaps because they didn't have the

faintest idea what he was talking about. That Jesus would hold back anything of

his teachings deliberately, keeping it only for the few chosen initiated, is to my idea a

misconception based on the conviction that people came eagerly listening to

him, whereas he then addressed them.

However, he was more likely only to disclose his teachings to the few because only a few

had any idea what he was really talking about. Furthermore, the multitudes that followed him

as told in the canonical gospels, are far beyond reality; how likely is it that complete populations

of several vilages followed after him?


Read the stories of the Zen Masters to get an idea how

difficult it even was (and still is) for those who set their feet on that Way and really achieved

the goal! Obviously, Jesus did not hold back his regrets on this state of affairs, just as he

lamented in saying-38, 40, and 74, e.g.


Quispel did not consider this an authentic saying (Quispel, 2004) in contrast to DeConick

who included it in her kernel sayings (DeConick, 2005).