saying-94; do it yourself!



if you want to experience what he meant

saying-94; do it yourself!






Jesus [says],

He who seeks will find,

and [he who knocks] will be let in.







The saying encourages those who decided to seek. They should persist,

because results will surely follow. It is another illustration of one of the central themes in

Thomas: the ultimate finding results from one’s own efforts, not from anything else.

Jesus is not the transcendent doorkeeper who opens the door of heaven to those who

"believe" that such powers have been entrusted to him.


This is very similar to Buddhism and very different from the Christianity as we know

it today with its proclaimed conditionality for "redemption" by belief in creeds created by

influential people, by Divine grace, through pre-destination, by rites and rituals such as

baptism, mass, public profession of creeds, etc., etc., to remain silent about the role

of "the church" (which one of the countless different ones, actually?) and its officials as

authorities who decide who will enter heaven and who will be refused, and with even

more bewildering mandates.


All these things are not in the oldest gospel we currently know: that of Thomas; they are

all later inventions, both the creeds and the worldly constructs around them!


Jesus' message is simple: when you try hard, it will not be in vain;

but the decision to try is your own! No super-natural actions by a

demi-god involved!



Also in:

Matthew 7:7; Luke 11:9.